Due to their growth, Causeway were wanting to start an increasing number of initiatives inside different divisions across the organisation, such as providing single customer views for sales people, aggregated confidential data for senior management or providing an internal communication mechanism for all staff.

They found that different technologies were increasingly being used for different initiatives, which created a crowded technology stack that was difficult to centrally control and meant time to project go-live was getting longer and costs were increasing.

The business challenge was to find a way to provide fast, easy technology and system and data access for initiatives inside Causeway.

Livestax was chosen as a solution because it enabled Causeway to provide the technology platform for initiatives without having to learn or implement heavy vendor solutions. Because Livestax is mobile-ready and uses web pages that can be quickly created in any web technology, it meant projects could be up and running in days not months. And as Livestax has an app store which enables apps to be re-used by the organisation, technology was not being duplicated and the more the platform got used the more apps were available and the faster new initiatives could come on board. Causeway have written over 160 apps in a year using just 2 part-time developers.

Unlike the fragmented web application structure they once had, by using Livestax Causeway were able to utilise one flexible environment for initiatives that they can control and manage centrally. And because it is controlled centrally, security is not an issue. Livestax supported all the existing Causeway security measures so building capability fast didn’t compromise long held and hard-won protection.

Ultimately, Causeway adopted a very light piece of technology to solve their problem that allowed them to do what they wanted, one user at a time, without the need to rollout heavy technical alternatives such as Microsoft Sharepoint. Livestax is a simple, agile solution that reflected Causeway’s business requirement to act fast and be innovative.

“Livestax has revolutionised how we deliver information in our business. We no longer need to generate spreadsheets with columns and columns of data, which the user has to digest and interpret. We no longer need to train users on complex systems when they just need access to one or two key pieces of information. We no longer need to spend hours responding to peoples requests for information. All we now need to do is direct them to Livestax, where we have written a suite of apps that show them all this information in an intuitive interface that people actually want to engage with. It almost makes data fun!

Since introducing Livestax our users have become much more self-sufficient and therefore much more knowledgeable about our business. We even find that our busy executives are using it! For the first time we have a way of surfacing the vast quantity of data that we have always had, but no-one knew about. Like I said – Revolutionary for us.”

– Lynne Roberts (Vice President Business Systems and Information Technology)